I left my heart in Mt. Pulag

12305510_10207459052250523_743934581_nIf only GRIT and FAITH could reach us to the top, we would’ve been at the summit to witness the beautiful sunrise with sea of clouds.  But that isn’t the case.

Our climb to Mt. Pulag is the most memorable hike I ever had, not because this is the highest (2,922 meters above sea level, 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines), hardest I’ve ever experienced nor because this is the only hike where I never reached the top (3 hrs to summit), but because I was reminded of basic things I was never accustomed lately.


First, what you can’t control, you let go.

Before the hike, i promised to exude the positive thinking. Though hopeless as the condition may seem, in every step along muddy trail with strong wind and rain, I kept on reminding myself that as we reach the summit the rain will stop and weather will be okay.  We were already 3hrs close to summit, when the weather turned worst and got no choice but to go down. For the first time after a long time, I felt frustration.  It’s not that I always get what I want; it’s just that I know that after playing my part, exerting effort, I know hard work will pay off.  Like the unpredictable weather, there are still things beyond our control.  And for that, we let go.


Last, make the most of what you have.

We were 1 hr close to base camp, disappointed and tired, when the sun decided to show up.  I know we were still favored when we saw the breathtaking view.  No sunrise, not that close, but still it is the ‘Sea of Clouds’. The feeling was comparable to reaching the summit, I guess.  It was indeed worth the hike.  A memorable one for this has the best view I had too.  We savor what’s in front of us, we cherish what we have.  For I know, it is in state of contentment, one is truly blessed.




Must Bring- FRIENDS!


Top Load
Rainbow at Rangers camp


‘It’s the climb’ moment
Sea of Clouds and Rice Terraces




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