Au revoir 2015


Yesterday, I spent the whole day reading a book.  It may not be a popular way to wrap-up the year but I enjoyed it.  I missed the feeling of taking my time as I enter the world of the author. In between breaks and chapters, with the view I had at the rooftop (the closest place I can think of so I can be with nature), I walked down the memory lane not just for the year 2015, but also for the years and the random memorable moments I can think of.

It’s astonishing how vague the experiences, rejections,  disappointments, and trials of before,  makes sense after a period of time– days, months or even years.   It might take that long but it is true that the whole picture is clearer from a distance.  Some parts of your story may have ended well (good for you), or not (good for you too, make sure you learn from it) and the interesting one, “still to be continued”.


This is cliche, but this is one of my favorites: “Everything happens for a reason.”  As this year closes, whatever hanging stories we have, the things that remain unsolved or don’t make sense, may all of these be a ground for us not to give up and to have high hopes for the coming year.  May the unsuccessful ones be our motivation to make ourselves better, to strengthen our desire and to persist as we declare that we need not to settle for less, that we are worthy and are destined for greatness.  May all the successful ones be the reason for us to be more grateful and to remain humble.

Let us hold on to the idea that ‘Every year keeps on getting better and better‘, right?  And so are we.  Will always be grateful for this year and the coming years.


P.S. If there’s one word to describe your 2015 or coming year 2016 , what is it?  Mine would be MAGICAL! 😉


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