What will you be 10 years from now?

I was cleaning my room when I saw this paper along with other memorable items that I’ve been keeping for years.  I’m not sure when I made this exactly but the date together with the score given by my teacher was 29th of July 2005, a day before i turned 15.  It was a normal high school assignment made by clueless 14 year old me, “What will you be 10 years from now?

10 yrs. from now, if God will permit, I’m already a successful and well known BUSINESSWOMAN.  When that day comes, I will be very rich and I can buy the things I want and help my family.

Way back then, I’m sure that “I’m NOT sure of what I want to become“.  Unlike any other teenagers who already see themselves with a career path or profession to pursue, I still assessed myself of what I wanted to be, what did I want to become?  But things happen for a reason and it’s amazing how things unfold; and let me use the quote of Tyrese Gibson.

“God will never give you something somebody else is supposed to have.”

What you have right now is really for you.  All meant for you.  Your family, your friends, your relationships, your profession, your problems, your struggles, your accomplishments, everything- all designed for you.  And all you have to do is learn and eventually master “The Art of Appreciation“.

So to my younger self, here’s what you/we become 10 years after.

Now, I’m 25 years old; I’m an Auditor far from ‘Businesswoman’ and obviously, ‘not well known’;  Though, I can finance the ‘needs’ and some ‘wants’ once in a while,  I can’t say I’m ‘very rich’ and can buy ALL the things I want;  And Yes, in every way I can, I’m helping my family.

Lastly, I don’t know if I can consider myself “successful“, for the word has a lot of meaning and the word entails a different interpretation relative to the speaker.  If it means, having a grateful heart, being contented of what one’s have and yet still knows that dreams and goals are still to be pursued (a paradox, isn’t it?)- as we know that God wants us to be the best we can be, then consider me as one.

What makes this more interesting is that exactly 10 years after, 29th of July 2015, I was having the best day of my life.  I was skydiving.  What are the chances?


I guess it would be more exciting if I write again what I envision myself 10 years from now.


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