Unexpressed Gratitude

Late afternoon today, I received saddening news that Sir Cyr Laurel, one of our teachers in highschool, passed away.  And for a moment, I looked back on the days when I was just starting to grasp ‘Accounting’, subject he used to teach.  Unlike others, we were privileged that the subject is part of our school curriculum.

When I was in highschool, I don’t anticipate college that much for I’m not decided yet on what course or profession to pursue.  But because of Sir Laurel’s effective way of teaching, I gained interest in Accounting.  And getting ‘good’ grades boosted me- maybe I should give ‘Accountancy’ a try, that maybe there is something where I can be good at.  Just a background, no one in my family is in the accounting profession, so it was really my decision on what I want my future to be back then.

Yes, I did- survive college, graduate Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, and pass the board exam.  As I reflect, Sir Laurel is one of the reasons why I’m a successful Accountant (successful- in my own terms), why I pursued this profession.  Given that other teacher taught the subject before- will I still gain interest in Accountancy? will that teacher also entertain the ‘accounting’ questions, even the dumb questions I had? (What’s the difference between ‘FOR SALE’ and to SELL?) Perhaps, yes.  Perhaps, no.

What stretched thoughts I had today is that it’s really amazing how we are interconnected; how people make an impact on others; how our influence can change a person’s life course.  We may or may not be aware of it.  One thing is for sure.

Glorious are those people who inspire others. 

Also, I felt sad for the ‘unexpressed gratitude’.  How I wish I could’ve said my “Thank you” to him personally.  That simple message would’ve made one of his days a little bit happier.  I know he’s happy for he is with God now.  Hope my prayers and this message ‘Thank you, Sir Laurel!’ reach him in the better place.

A simple thought; we don’t know what the future holds so we must maximize our time and express our thankfulness to this world. 

How many unspoken gratitude you have?  

Brighten someone’s day; it won’t harm you to give it now.


Do yourself a favor, Spend time with Nature.


Our climb to Mt. Pico de Loro (664 masl) was my first hike for the year 2016.  When I was invited by my friend, I thought ‘Date with nature‘, sure thing!  As usual, it is already a given that it will be tiresome and draining because of the long walks and steep slopes; but it is also a given that when I’m out in the woods, it is also a time for meditation and contemplation on things that life offers.  So let me share with you, some thoughts I had.

There is something in nature that always heals us.

I once heard this quote and I couldn’t agree more.  But it’s not necessarily the wound you had from “Heartbreak” (let me use the term as it was Valentine’s Day) and definitely, not a physical wound.  This may be referred to the things that are bombarding you- stress, anger,  frustration, confusion and other emotional conflict either external or internal in whatever ‘Life Genre‘ you are currently dealing with- career, spiritual, relationships- romantic, family, friends, and other personal matters.

I would more likely want to view the word ‘HEAL‘ as ‘ACCEPT‘.  When we are with nature, we had time for ourselves.  You may be running out of breath, feeling thirsty and hungry, but one thing is for sure, your mind, soul and heart continuously wander on the things you’d been keeping for yourself.  And as you take every step to the summit, you learn to digest every detail and take your time to deliberate, and you prepare yourself to accept everything.


A moment to understand and reflect on things.

As you spend more time with yourself, you ponder every detail and different perspectives.  Your mind is so clear that you can entertain a lot of scenarios, which gives you an opportunity to view whatever ‘life-episode-you-are-in’ in a bird’s eye view.  The beauty of nature inspires us to explore, to be more creative and to be more considerate.  The fresh air, the swoosh of the wind making the trees dance, the sound of birds singing, and the sunrays escaping from gaps of tree branches and leaves- these all lovely things refresh us and help us muse easily.  You’ll realize that there’s more to life than dwelling with all the aches.  It is definitely humbling to realize how stunning the universe works – the way we, humans, and other life forms are enchantingly interconnected.


A moment of acceptance.

As you lay all the cards, you spend time to think about what really happened, to decide what will be your next move and to choose which approach to use- you are actually getting yourself ready to enter the phase of acceptance.  These things that you decide on, it may or may not be the perfect solution to get over the pain or to solve the problem, but – it is still progress, a step closer to something.  You learn that life is just how it is.  Things happened for us to be more appreciative on what we have, on what we are.  They make us realize more our strengths, weaknesses, values, priorities and worth.  

We get to know ourselves better and that is the single most important thing.  I believe it is when we understand ourselves that we stay true to ourselves.  We know what are the things that will make us happy;  And when something bad happen, we can easily maneuver our emotions and shift to a more positive one.


I would like to think that it is at the peak of the mountain that one felt the acceptance.  Probably, one felt accomplished that after a strenuous hike, a superb view of nature will welcome you- mountain, trees, sea, sky, sun, clouds, and wind.  The sight will make you wonder-struck.  A big smile will be painted on your face and it will make you utter to yourself “Yes, I deserve this!”  ‘I deserve to be happy;   I am entitled to let go of negative things, including those I have caused to myself;   I am worthy of all the love in the world.’  May an excerpt from the song of Jason Mraz, Living in the Moment, be instilled in you.

Living in the moment
Living our life
Easy and breezy
With peace in my mind
With peace in my heart
Peace in my soul


Then, as you start to descend the mountain; you didn’t leave the baggage, you just learn how to ‘pack it light’ and carry it with a courageous heart.  Now, you’re all set for new adventures awaiting your way.

Let me leave you this question.  How true are you to yourself? 


We did it!


Must look forward to having NEW FRIENDS!  Thank you and nice meeting you all! 🙂


No, we didn’t conquer the monolith.  Must remind myself, not to climb during holidays. BLOCKBUSTER!  Still grateful, we were able to reach the summit with a very beautiful weather. 🙂

Monolith on Valentine’s Day!


But, Look! My grateful heart was able to reach the monolith 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mt. Pico de Loro with Love!


I’m on my way.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is patient, Love is kind‘,
I once heard this verse, and was stuck on my mind,
Got no sense of direction, so always ask for instruction,
Followed signs and maps, but still ended with mishaps,
Remember when I got lost walking so I just took the train?
Now, I know I’m on my way, ‘My Dear, no more waiting in vain.’

#4, Feb 7, 2016

Trying something new, Again.

I finished January strong by running and chasing the sunset.  Hours before that, I was penning my letter-writing experience.  While I was in the middle of thinking of words, jumbling of lines and forming my sentences, I pause to entertain some thoughts.  A positive distraction, I refer it.  These thoughts are so amusing; I could not even put it into words.  Weird isn’t it? Good thing I got a pen and a paper beside me so I started scribbling.

But a short poem happened anyway.  I hope I gave enough justice to the fleeting thought.  I’m neither a writer nor a poet but there are times when words play in my mind, they simply fall into the right place and blend well together – hopefully.  Words, syllables and rhymes may be the common factors.  But one thing is for sure, none of these matters when written without a heart.  Personal insights can be a good ingredient, but that doesn’t mean you need to experience everything to produce something.  This is what I find astonishing in this craft; You can be anyone you want to be, feel anything you want to feel (yes, this is a disclosure).


When I think of you,
Words start to pass by,
Sometimes, I pick and jumble a few for a while,
But then I stop and let them go by,
For nothing is worth more than your love lullaby.

#1, Jan 31, 2016

The poem sounded good for me, possibly because the moment was mixed with a nostalgic feeling.  I remember when I used to write poems when I was in grade school; I was around 9-10 years old back then.  Together with the other things I was capable of doing (Yes, I take inventory of it), I enumerated the poems I made.  Based on the list, it was just a total of 6.  One of these is a poem about stars; I was then reminded of how fond I am of looking up in the sky even when I was a kid (Yes, too fond, I draw the moon reversely).

Ang mga Bituin sa Langit (The Stars in the Sky).

I wrote all my poems in the outdated journal (1997) given by my Dad.  And in every first line of the page written “DADDY PARA SAYO TONG TULA”;  all poems are dedicated to him.  Forgive me for Mary had a little LAMP and for RO RO RO the boat.

One of my mantras for 2016 is ‘Try Something New‘.  I felt I was living this when I came up with the poem days ago.  But then I realized that maybe ‘Trying Something New’ isn’t new at all.  And sometimes, it can be viewed as ‘Trying Something AGAIN’.  Perhaps, there are things that we already did before but because of time and circumstances we refer as ‘Life Happened- always!‘- We forget about it.  I ponder on the thought that as we age, though as much as we say that we’re still the same us like before, a part of us was really left behind.  Not because we want to or we chose to but because we got engaged with other things that made them fall on the least priorities.  Yes, our lives continuously happen.  Still, we may look back and fetch the things we did at one point say ‘worth trying‘; And if it still amuse you or interest you, then it is ‘worth PURSUING’.  

Let me end this by sharing a beautiful quote from one of the famous poet, Jack Gilbert, whom I encounter in the book I’m currently reading, BIG MAGIC.

We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.



You talk about Hi and Hey,
When I want to talk about How and Why,
Conversations about dreams shadowed by
‘How your day went by?’,
I wanted to take a dive but you decided to fly,
So I packed my bags and sailed away

#2, Feb 1, 2016


Winds, flames and sunrays,
Nothing compared to your burning gaze,
Blushes, butterflies and smiles,
In return, hope it reach a thousand miles,
Hot air balloon is about to soar high,
I was then reminded to question
‘Why don’t we risk and try?’.

#3, Feb 2, 2016


Filipino poems I’ve written when I was a kid. Too funny.