Do yourself a favor, Spend time with Nature.


Our climb to Mt. Pico de Loro (664 masl) was my first hike for the year 2016.  When I was invited by my friend, I thought ‘Date with nature‘, sure thing!  As usual, it is already a given that it will be tiresome and draining because of the long walks and steep slopes; but it is also a given that when I’m out in the woods, it is also a time for meditation and contemplation on things that life offers.  So let me share with you, some thoughts I had.

There is something in nature that always heals us.

I once heard this quote and I couldn’t agree more.  But it’s not necessarily the wound you had from “Heartbreak” (let me use the term as it was Valentine’s Day) and definitely, not a physical wound.  This may be referred to the things that are bombarding you- stress, anger,  frustration, confusion and other emotional conflict either external or internal in whatever ‘Life Genre‘ you are currently dealing with- career, spiritual, relationships- romantic, family, friends, and other personal matters.

I would more likely want to view the word ‘HEAL‘ as ‘ACCEPT‘.  When we are with nature, we had time for ourselves.  You may be running out of breath, feeling thirsty and hungry, but one thing is for sure, your mind, soul and heart continuously wander on the things you’d been keeping for yourself.  And as you take every step to the summit, you learn to digest every detail and take your time to deliberate, and you prepare yourself to accept everything.


A moment to understand and reflect on things.

As you spend more time with yourself, you ponder every detail and different perspectives.  Your mind is so clear that you can entertain a lot of scenarios, which gives you an opportunity to view whatever ‘life-episode-you-are-in’ in a bird’s eye view.  The beauty of nature inspires us to explore, to be more creative and to be more considerate.  The fresh air, the swoosh of the wind making the trees dance, the sound of birds singing, and the sunrays escaping from gaps of tree branches and leaves- these all lovely things refresh us and help us muse easily.  You’ll realize that there’s more to life than dwelling with all the aches.  It is definitely humbling to realize how stunning the universe works – the way we, humans, and other life forms are enchantingly interconnected.


A moment of acceptance.

As you lay all the cards, you spend time to think about what really happened, to decide what will be your next move and to choose which approach to use- you are actually getting yourself ready to enter the phase of acceptance.  These things that you decide on, it may or may not be the perfect solution to get over the pain or to solve the problem, but – it is still progress, a step closer to something.  You learn that life is just how it is.  Things happened for us to be more appreciative on what we have, on what we are.  They make us realize more our strengths, weaknesses, values, priorities and worth.  

We get to know ourselves better and that is the single most important thing.  I believe it is when we understand ourselves that we stay true to ourselves.  We know what are the things that will make us happy;  And when something bad happen, we can easily maneuver our emotions and shift to a more positive one.


I would like to think that it is at the peak of the mountain that one felt the acceptance.  Probably, one felt accomplished that after a strenuous hike, a superb view of nature will welcome you- mountain, trees, sea, sky, sun, clouds, and wind.  The sight will make you wonder-struck.  A big smile will be painted on your face and it will make you utter to yourself “Yes, I deserve this!”  ‘I deserve to be happy;   I am entitled to let go of negative things, including those I have caused to myself;   I am worthy of all the love in the world.’  May an excerpt from the song of Jason Mraz, Living in the Moment, be instilled in you.

Living in the moment
Living our life
Easy and breezy
With peace in my mind
With peace in my heart
Peace in my soul


Then, as you start to descend the mountain; you didn’t leave the baggage, you just learn how to ‘pack it light’ and carry it with a courageous heart.  Now, you’re all set for new adventures awaiting your way.

Let me leave you this question.  How true are you to yourself? 


We did it!


Must look forward to having NEW FRIENDS!  Thank you and nice meeting you all! 🙂


No, we didn’t conquer the monolith.  Must remind myself, not to climb during holidays. BLOCKBUSTER!  Still grateful, we were able to reach the summit with a very beautiful weather. 🙂

Monolith on Valentine’s Day!


But, Look! My grateful heart was able to reach the monolith 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mt. Pico de Loro with Love!



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