Unexpressed Gratitude

Late afternoon today, I received saddening news that Sir Cyr Laurel, one of our teachers in highschool, passed away.  And for a moment, I looked back on the days when I was just starting to grasp ‘Accounting’, subject he used to teach.  Unlike others, we were privileged that the subject is part of our school curriculum.

When I was in highschool, I don’t anticipate college that much for I’m not decided yet on what course or profession to pursue.  But because of Sir Laurel’s effective way of teaching, I gained interest in Accounting.  And getting ‘good’ grades boosted me- maybe I should give ‘Accountancy’ a try, that maybe there is something where I can be good at.  Just a background, no one in my family is in the accounting profession, so it was really my decision on what I want my future to be back then.

Yes, I did- survive college, graduate Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, and pass the board exam.  As I reflect, Sir Laurel is one of the reasons why I’m a successful Accountant (successful- in my own terms), why I pursued this profession.  Given that other teacher taught the subject before- will I still gain interest in Accountancy? will that teacher also entertain the ‘accounting’ questions, even the dumb questions I had? (What’s the difference between ‘FOR SALE’ and to SELL?) Perhaps, yes.  Perhaps, no.

What stretched thoughts I had today is that it’s really amazing how we are interconnected; how people make an impact on others; how our influence can change a person’s life course.  We may or may not be aware of it.  One thing is for sure.

Glorious are those people who inspire others. 

Also, I felt sad for the ‘unexpressed gratitude’.  How I wish I could’ve said my “Thank you” to him personally.  That simple message would’ve made one of his days a little bit happier.  I know he’s happy for he is with God now.  Hope my prayers and this message ‘Thank you, Sir Laurel!’ reach him in the better place.

A simple thought; we don’t know what the future holds so we must maximize our time and express our thankfulness to this world. 

How many unspoken gratitude you have?  

Brighten someone’s day; it won’t harm you to give it now.


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