Simple things in Life matter

Life is simple.  And sometimes it is in small things that we do or say that has an effect on other people.

Roses have a variety of colors- red, white, pink, peach, orange, red-orange, blue (spray painted) and etc.  And have different phases- bud, to bloom, full bloomed and wilted.  Just like roses, there are many kinds of love and there are lots of ways to show it.  No matter what kind of love it is, it should be renewed every single day.

For February, I once thought of giving my mom a stem of rose ‘til Valentine’s Day.  But I said to myself ‘why not make it for the whole month?’  A cost of a rose is cheaper than my usual snack so why not allot a portion of the money as well as time in buying something to make every day of February a memorable one.  Plus, it’s leap year.  It comes once every four years.  “This has got to be unforgettable!”

So I did it.  My routine is after work (weekdays) or after church and other appointments (weekends) I go to the market to buy a flower.  Even though I have a party to attend to or an overnight hangout or thing, I see to it that I’ll go home first just to give the rose.  And I’m grateful that I was able to be consistent in doing this.  It wasn’t a struggle at all.  I believe that if you love what you’re doing, or the purpose is very close to your heart, everything is effortlessly done.  

The smile on my Mom’s face every day is very rewarding, it is worth it.

Throughout this month-long routine, I learn some facts about roses such as the colors yellow and orange easily wilt and white rose early bloom.  I was able to garner some tips on how will the roses last; you change its water every other day and add a little bit of chlorine.  But of all these, what appeals to me the most is how a small interactions/ conversations with other people can affect you or your views in life.

It was mid last week of February that a shallow exchange of words turns into something ‘life-appreciating’ conversation with the store owner, Ms. Jane.  I like talking to people especially the ‘unfamiliar persons’.  I don’t know but you’ll get this ‘no-judgment’ feeling (Yeah, why would they? They barely know you).  It started as a simple conversation about family, relationships, work- all about life.  She has two kids and her flower shop business was running for years already. And in the middle of the conversation, I was surprised when she mentioned that she was a breast cancer survivor, for four years now.  She narrated her experience- medication, chemotherapy, breast removal surgery and hair loss, making her bald.  She recounted how she was still able to manage the store and how she considered wearing a wig but then decided not to.  She decided that she’s got to keep moving no matter what life throws at her.

After telling also the stories from the people I know who experienced the same, I said that working in a positive environment, being surrounded by flowers- signifying how beautiful life is, helped her too in shifting her view in life.  And of course, at the end, we both agreed on one thing.

God is good.

And as I left the store, I felt more contented, appreciative and inspired.  Hope as I lend my listening ears, she felt inspired too again as she looked back on her triumphs.  A view of life was added to my ‘Inspirational stories‘ list.  I don’t want to pretend to be profound but there is something that will make you think of how we appear in this cosmos- That the world does not revolve solely around you, that everyone has a battle of his own.  That what matters to you, may or may not matter at all to someone.  That we are all living not just for ourselves but for everyone.  

A simple conversation, a sincere smile, and inspiring words and encouragement may impact others.  And surprising as it is, it is in little things we do that touches other people.  

Be inspired, be generous.


Thank you! It was my pleasure to meet you. 🙂

With Ms. Jane and Sir Mark

Love is when you still find beauty even if it has already wilted.