In your heart, always.


And I ponder on the thought that at least once in your life, you’ll meet someone that will make you feel more alive, motivates and inspires you like no other.  It is weird in a beautiful, overwhelming, unexplainable feeling- may be due to the situations, circumstances and other factors.

This may or may not be in a romantic way;  for a short period or a little bit longer; but one thing is for sure, this is one of life’s best magic.

And when that moment happens to you, keep that person always in your heart, not in your mind. 

For the heart, only feels; it abandons thinking and never ending rationalizing.  Even when they decided to wander far away from you and eventually lost the connection, place them in your heart.  For there, they will stay longer.

And if you’re one of the favored stars in the universe, they will stay forever.


Always in your heart, always.