Owning every bit of Summer!

Glorifying the Sunset in Palawan

Spending summer season with my loved ones and at the same time keeping up with my career,  I can’t help but to welcome all the spur-of-the-moment life reflections/realizations.  And I just want to share it with you, just in case.

Savoring every moment with family.

Value time.

From end of February to March, my Dad had a vacation off from work.  It’s a complete family moment we look forward yearly.  Come April, I was given an opportunity to work out of town and at the same time visit new beautiful places.  And this month of May, I had travels and trekking with my friends.  In just three months, everything happened so fast.

When it comes to people in your life, your family, your friends, your loved ones, TIME and PRESENCE are two of the most priceless gifts we can offer.  When it comes to work, to opportunities and to chances, SEIZE THEM and GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT, always!

Live in a thought that all you have- all you are experiencing, and the people you are with, are the Universe’s gift to you.  That of all the people in this world, you were the chosen one to be the safe-keeper/nurturer.  Be honored, be privileged.

Cruising at Samal Island, Davao
Spend time with yourself. 

This world is full of God’s wonderful creations and it is when traveling that I get to appreciate it more while enjoying a “Me” time.  Whether it be meditating in Laguna, cruising over the sea in Davao, listening to the sound of waterfalls in Surigao, feeling the wind as I ride zip line in Cotabato, watching the sunset in Palawan or appreciating the mountains’ summit view in Batangas and Rizal, I talk, listen and reassure myself that with all of worries in this life, everything is perfectly well.  Trust me, not in a crazy way.

I believe that it is in our inner conversations that we really get to know ourselves.   We reflect on the things that’s happening in our lives.  You get to check your thoughts, your emotions, your choices- then decide.  You are solely in control.  And of all the people, it is you who can assure yourself that no matter what happened, everything’s gonna be alright.

Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Be generous.

Wandering created an opportunity for me to meet a lot of beautiful souls who have their own story to tell and own life lessons to impart.  There are people I encountered who share their love stories and some who share their sacrifices in order to provide for the families.  I am awed in their hard work as they welcome each day thinking of their purpose in life.

And it is when I offered my time to listen, that I felt that at some point we are interconnected.   Every people you meet is majestically crafted breathing art.  People are meant to cross our paths to give us something to carry on as we parted ways and go on with our lives.  Absorb the lessons from these meetings and spread it.  Be kind, give love and share happiness.

“Thank you Lord!”

Fall in love in every moment.

In El Nido, we had lots of fun activities- island hopping, kayaking, and snorkeling.  Everywhere I look is just too mesmerizing, my eyes got so full of marvelous views.  I can’t help but to shout “Thank you Lord!”, “I love you El Nido!”, “I love you Palawan!” and so on.  I am just so giddy in love.

Life is incredibly beautiful.  Everything is just a matter of perspective.  Master the ‘Art of Appreciation’ and see all life’s goodness in every corner.  Indulge in every moment, live in it, embrace it.  Radiate romance that not a bit hate can enter your orbit.

For this season, I’ll always be grateful.  Every season keeps on getting better and better, right? So are we!

Much love and respect.


Glimpse of my 2016 Summer days 🙂


3 Falls at Luisiana, Laguna

Hulugan falls
Meditating at Talay falls
Aliw falls


  • Davao
One of the ‘Me-time’ moments
Samal Island
  • Surigao

Tinuy-an falls

Appreciating the calming sound of waterfalls
Just too grateful.

Enchanted River

Just too enchanting.
Swimming with the fishes

Britania Group of Islands

Island hopping
Owning the island
  • Cotabato
Loving the wind and the view.  One of the longest zipline in Asia!
You are perfect.


  • Palawan, World’s Best Island!

El Nido

Seven Commands beach
Kayaking in Small lagoon
Leaving a piece of my heart in Secret Lagoon
Big lagoon, you are so beautiful!
Helicopter Island
Hidden beach
Overwhelming underwater world!
Sun-kissed at Secret beach
Matinloc Shrine
Nacpan beach
Las Cabanas beach

Puerto Princesa

Underground River
One of the world’s 7 new wonders of nature.
Cave inside
  • Batangas
Crater lake.  I conquered Taal Volcano!
It’s the climb!
  • Rizal

Mt. Daraitan

Summit view.  I conquered Mt. Daraitan!
You are worth it.

Tinipak Cave

Rewarding cold water dip inside the cave.  Oh Nature, you never fail to amaze me!
Too dark in the cave.  Took a lot of mental pictures tho 😉

Tinipak River

Relaxing in my jacuzzi 😉
Rewarding after the strenuous hike!

To the beautiful souls I got to share with this season’s adventure, thank you for making this my BEST SUMMER EVER!  lotte.jpg


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