Never supress the true you. Ever.

Just because you are kind, sincere and loving, you’ll expect others to treat you the same.   

The sad truth is it will never be.  

The level may be different or worst, there is nothing at all.  

But be as kind, sincere and loving as you are anyway.  

Not for them, but for yourself.  Why hold back or supress the true you?  

You were made like that because God knows the world needs more of you



Another Glorious Year to Celebrate Life

God knows how much I give importance on birthday celebrations.  Not just mine, but for all my loved ones.  So I make sure in my own ways I greeted them or make something special to contribute on their day.

So when it comes to my birthday, I want to make sure also that it will always be memorable.  Why not? This is my way to glorify God’s another gift of life.  For the past 5 years, I had this ‘annual celebration’ of crossing countries, making sure I got those passport stamps dated “July 30”.  I am blessed to have it fulfilled.

I know I haven’t gone far yet.  There are still places to see and glorify, people to meet and share stories with and lots of phrases, ‘Thank you!’ , ‘Hi !’and ‘I love you!’ to learn and to speak in different languages.  Throughout those years, events happened and things have changed.  There’s a change in outlook  and priorities and there are realizations.  We constantly grow, and like I always say we change for the better, always.

The past birthdays I had was more for myself.  No regrets, it’s the experiences I had that made me who I am today.  I learn, I grow and I appreciate life and see it in my own eyes.  For this year, I wanted to share the moment.  To learn, to grow and to appreciate ‘more’ this life and see it in other people’s eyes.  So throughout this birthday idea, there are life realizations that were given more emphasis in my life.

Know what you want then commit yourself.

It was when I was reviewing for a certification exam, some time in June, that an idea popped out in my mind ‘BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION IN AN INSTITUTION’.  I try to shove it away, as I want to focus on studying.  But have you had that feeling when an idea, no matter how hard you try not to think of it, it keeps on coming and coming back and becoming more concrete every time?That’s what happened, ‘100 KIDS’, ‘SPECIAL CHILDREN’, ‘GIVEAWAY T-SHIRT’,  ‘YOU ARE BLESSED, YOU ARE LOVED’ And that’s when I know I have to make it happen. Not because it’s boggling me, but because it’s what my subconscious wants.  Therefore, IT IS WHAT I WANT.

And just because, I’m studying I had this deal with God that no matter what the result of my exam, I WILL DO IT.  Just give me the focus that I need until I take the exam, then I will start preparing.  Same with other episodes in our life,  Isn’t it simple, if we know  exactly what we want?

Start the preparation, turn your plans into reality.

Come July, some of my loved ones were asking how will I celebrate my birthday this year.  Where will I go next?  Only few people know what will I do.  I didn’t invite a lot for in the first place, this is not ‘my’ party.  So when some friends know how I celebrated my birthday, almost all of them say that they’ve been planning on doing that kind of celebration too.  Others say that they had this idea for more than a year, it’s just that they don’t know what institution, where to start organizing, who are the people to contact.  With high respect, I know this is cliche but let me tell you, a plan without an action, is just a dream.  You must do something to turn it into reality.  And isn’t it if you really want something, you would do anything just to make it happen? 

After knowing what you want, either serving kids, special children, street children or the old age people, do your research- location, availability on the desired event date, rules, or if there are any paper works needed. Once confirmed with the institution, start the preparation for the event – food, games, hosting, giveaways and other things you want to include.


Celebrate life and savor every moment!

After the preparation, here comes the celebration.  Believe me, everything is worth it. Their innocent smile, warm hugs and genuine laughter are priceless.  I thought that I’ve prepared myself on the emotion that I will feel, but still I’m surprised and overwhelmed on the impact of this day in my life.  I think I’ll never get used to the idea that when you want other people to be happy, it’s you who will be hundred times fold happier.  This will always have a special place in my heart.  To more than a hundred hearts who made my 26th birthday memorable, THANK YOU.  Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am to be part of your lives, for letting me have you in my life.  You are all an inspiration.

This, by far, is the best birthday ever!  Every birthday keeps on getting better and better right? so are we!

Blessed are those who inspire us.


*Bear with me, I’m only allowed to post group pictures. đŸ™‚

The following are the things I did for less than a month of preparation:

1.  By the end of June,  the event details was confirmed through a phone call with the institution.  By sheer luck, my day is open.  I chose the Elsie Gaches Village,  institution that provides care and rehabilitation to abandoned and neglected children with special needs such as those with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, visual and hearing impairment, mental retardation, autism and other related illnesses.  This was also located near our area so it will be more convenient to arrange things every now and then.

2. First week of July, after taking the exam, I decided to book the party in Jollibee for 100 kids.  By doing this, it greatly reduces the heavy lifting on my end, for they will do all the food prep, games, music and hosting the kiddie party.  We also arranged for the ice cream cart.

3.  I paid a visit to the institution to iron out the details and see the kids personally.  My main goal is to identify hundred kids who’s got the same birthday as me, or whose special day are nearing as well.  I managed to secure a list of their details and shirt size as I’m planning to give out a shirt for them to wear for our party.

4. 2nd week of July, after receiving final list of attendees and their sizes, I canvassed for t-shirt printing.  Luckily, my sister’s friend has a t-shirt printing shop.  And knowing that this will be for a cause, I was given a discounted price.

5. On 30th, we picked up the t-shirts, bought food from Amber for the Adults and had the best birthday ever!

Also, thank you to my family, relatives and friends!  To all who greeted me on my birthday!  You guys are the best!