The Climb

How bad do you want it?

What are you willing to give up?

Will you climb the mountain?

Will you keep going and won’t stop?

Onto steepy slopes and muddy trail,

Will you ignore the pain of the body that’s frail?

Maybe the view is worth it but the sun is scorching hot,

Now, you decide,

Will you risk starting the journey with me?

Darling, why not?


Beautiful Mess

When the Sun leaves the Sky,

we thought that the sky would cry,

When the Moon replaced the Sun,

we thought that the love was gone,

But look how things turned out,

be still My Dear, don’t make a sound,

First, blue turned pink, then the stars appeared,

then it stayed with the Moon without even a blink,

Isn’t this such a beautiful mess?

Boring or Interesting?

Sometimes I wonder, how do I appeal to people I’m talking to.  Is my communication skills’ not enough to hold their interest? Am I boring them?  Are the stories and information I’m sharing not interesting enough? Do I have something to offer?
Don’t get me wrong.  It was never my intention to please everyone.  There will just be times you will pause to assess yourself. 

We all have different interests, principles and beliefs.  One may find it amusing or not.  Your insights may be contradicting with them and yet they may openly consider it (well, maybe in a way that makes you interesting).   Your stories might be far from their hobbies and possibly, the way you deliver it contributed to your ‘boring’ aspect.

But whatever or however they perceive you is none of your business anymore.  Like we have different views in life so as how we view people around us.

If it will help you to improve then  go ahead. Change. If you think not, then just let it out of your system.  Be reasonably selective. 

Am I boring you with this?

Don’t worry, that’s totally fine! 😉

Look at us. Look at you.

​Look at where we are, are we moving?

Do we not progress?

Why do we keep on running in circles?

Look at the time, isn’t it more than a year?

Do we not get tired?

Why do we continue when we know it must end?

Look around, aren’t we supposed to

just pass by?

Do we not learn the lesson?

Why do we keep on coming back?

Look back and reread, isn’t ‘we‘ supposed to be ‘you‘?

Do you not get it?

Why don’t you just leave and forget all of it?

It is what it is.


You’ll always be my sunshine.

I once said, we are all meant to wander.  We are destined to move and to encounter other people.  To enjoy the blessing of company or the lesson of passing through; to taste the happiness of meetings and to savor the last moments of goodbyes.

But there will be times, we will be boggled by questions,  How? What if? What happened? Why? Why not?  A lot of these will enter your mind.  You will entertain few thoughts but after awhile you’ll realize you’re just stressing yourself.

Does it make you happy? Does it make your state better?

And it will just happened, not a realization, but more of acceptance.  It is what it is.  And sometimes details will not be given and questions will not be answered.

I love you to the moon and back.

I always think that some people are too valuable that they have to walk on Earth separately to maximize their existence.  They are like the Sun and the MoonThey shine too bright together that God decided to set their time differently and place in separate areas to light up other people’s lives.   That their souls meet each other maybe not to be together but just to ignite something within for them to realize their purpose, awaken their dreams, know their potentials and remind that they always have greatness within.   All for greater good and for a reason.

This I should remind myself, always.

Bella Luna

I love it when my friends just randomly message me about the moon or even send me pictures and say they remember me when they see the full moon.  

View of the beautiful Moon in Korea

I truly admire its beauty.  Though, I find it weird.  As a Leo, I am ruled by the sun.  But I know, I will always long for the moon.
Isn’t it nice? 

We are all under the same sky.

We are all looking at one moon.

We are all at one point interconnected.  
Sometimes, I wonder if two people stare at the moon at the same time thinking of each other, will the Moon reflect back their gaze to the other? 

It is always mesmerizing, always magical, always enchanting. Oh what a beautiful mystery! 

Your Moon stalker, always! 😉

P.S. Yesterday was full moon, yet it was too cloudy.  Here’s my shot for today. Bear with me. 😂. Send me your moon shot too!  That would definitely make my day! 

From Philippines with love!


Sparkling lights, romantic night,       

Moon smiles with a great delight,

Laughters, and glassess clinking,       

Sweet voices are echoing,

Will you stay in this moment,                 

And just forget everything?

My Dear, don’t keep me waiting,         

Pour me some wine, And I promise you I’ll do anything