Bella Luna

I love it when my friends just randomly message me about the moon or even send me pictures and say they remember me when they see the full moon.  

View of the beautiful Moon in Korea

I truly admire its beauty.  Though, I find it weird.  As a Leo, I am ruled by the sun.  But I know, I will always long for the moon.
Isn’t it nice? 

We are all under the same sky.

We are all looking at one moon.

We are all at one point interconnected.  
Sometimes, I wonder if two people stare at the moon at the same time thinking of each other, will the Moon reflect back their gaze to the other? 

It is always mesmerizing, always magical, always enchanting. Oh what a beautiful mystery! 

Your Moon stalker, always! 😉

P.S. Yesterday was full moon, yet it was too cloudy.  Here’s my shot for today. Bear with me. 😂. Send me your moon shot too!  That would definitely make my day! 

From Philippines with love!

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