Boring or Interesting?

Sometimes I wonder, how do I appeal to people I’m talking to.  Is my communication skills’ not enough to hold their interest? Am I boring them?  Are the stories and information I’m sharing not interesting enough? Do I have something to offer?
Don’t get me wrong.  It was never my intention to please everyone.  There will just be times you will pause to assess yourself. 

We all have different interests, principles and beliefs.  One may find it amusing or not.  Your insights may be contradicting with them and yet they may openly consider it (well, maybe in a way that makes you interesting).   Your stories might be far from their hobbies and possibly, the way you deliver it contributed to your ‘boring’ aspect.

But whatever or however they perceive you is none of your business anymore.  Like we have different views in life so as how we view people around us.

If it will help you to improve then  go ahead. Change. If you think not, then just let it out of your system.  Be reasonably selective. 

Am I boring you with this?

Don’t worry, that’s totally fine! 😉


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