The Most Loved Month, December

Tis the season to be jolly and more grateful, fa lalala la lalala la!

The Nativity at the church

This Christmas season is passing by so quickly.  One thing, I’m planning for a trip and then next I’m in a rush to buy gifts.  Christmas lights in the street, laughter with the loved ones, and reunion of longing hearts – they are everywhere.  As much as I want to extend this season. I know I can’t.  All I can do is to seize every moment.

Let’s stop for a while and appreciate all the things offered especially for this season.

Greetings from view in KFC

Take time to feel the cool breeze at night.  Hear the Christmas carols of the kids in the street.  Sing along with Jose Mari Chan in the malls while you are shopping for gifts.  Savor every bite of ‘Putu Bumbong‘ and ‘Bibingka‘.  Enjoy the catch-up over meals with friends and family moments on ‘Noche Buena‘.  Fight the sleepiness just to attend ‘Simbang Gabi‘.  Greet people a ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!‘ or ‘Happy Holidays!‘.  And lastly, feel all the love, appreciation and happiness of all the people around you.

My Dear, let’s make the most of this season. Shall we?

Got an early Christmas gift from these cutie little Santas in Taiwan 🙂 They came into the store and gave this to me.  What a lovely random act of kindness!  Xie xie! 🙂

For December 2016, I’ll always be grateful.
Sending all the happiness I got!  Lots of … 🙂




P.S.  I want to grab this opportunity to greet everyone ‘MALIGAYANG PASKO!‘ Mahal ko kayong lahat! 🙂

Random pictures attached are from PH and recent travel in Taiwan.  Anything that reminded me of this season!

‘Send postcards from Travel abroad’ crossed off my bucket list ;)- Taiwan Post Office in Ximending.
Sent fr PH with all love and happiness I got!


Don’t forget, this is a season of…. 🙂

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