TED Talks

Last Thursday, I passed an application for TEDxADMU 2017: Viewpoints (Nope, not to be a speaker (HOW I WISH!), but just to watch it live).  And since the deadline was yesterday, I want to share some of the questions asked.  The last two strike me the most!


What is TED for you?
TED is a community of people inspiring and uplifting one another.  It is an outlet for imaginative, inquisitive, motivational, and compassionate people to share their thoughts and be open to other ideas of people from all over the world.  They give consideration to great ideas in almost all topics to raise awareness.   They give chance for people to be heard and impart what they can, things they are passionate about, and their purpose in life.  It is an effective way to spread concepts, reaching from one country, one culture, and one life to the other.  Most of the influential people in the world have participated and share their insights and wisdom thru TED Talks.  Videos of short talks are posted in the TED site.  This accessible and free knowledge is helpful in progression of humanity.

Why do you want to attend TEDxADMU 2017?
I’m a big fan of TED. I was motivated by TED Talks videos that I’ve watched.  Gaining knowledge by hearing other people’s insights in person would certainly contribute in my personal growth.  Also, being part of the crowd and watching the talks live would definitely make me feel part of this community.

Describe “PERSPECTIVE” in your own words.
Perspective is everything.  It is how we take things and interpret them.  It is how we see other people, ourselves and everything that’s happening around us.  It is how we approach problems and seize opportunities.  It is how we celebrate failures and appreciate success.  It is an attitude towards the world and a perception in life.  Having a positive perspective will make things fall into place and support us through in this lifetime.

When was the last time you had an exciting idea that kept you up all night? What idea was that?
It was just this month.  The thrilling idea of living abroad and leaving behind your pursued profession in exchange for a new adventure with the uncertainty of how to cope with a different life from the life you are currently living.   How courageous it is to live out of your comfort zone, test your limits and see yourself grow.   To be independent, immerse yourself in other cultures, meet new people, learn new experiences, and let go of pride just in case you don’t get the same job as you now have.   These are things I’ve been contemplating for the past few days as I am thinking of pushing through an application for working holiday visa abroad.  It is risky and a big decision to make for it will change my life’s course permanently.  In every action we make, I think we are all after developing ourselves.

I’m not sure if answered well.  But if my application will be successful, I will be VERY HAPPY.  🙂

P.S. When was the last time you had an exciting idea that kept you up all night? What idea was that? 😉


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