God knows I exert a lot of effort,
And through prayers I get all the comfort,

But maybe some things are not meant to be,
What I want to have is not made for me,

I have no hate, l leave it all to fate,
Patience, for what’s mine will not arrive late,

Isn’t it ‘Good things come to those who wait’?


Super Blue Blood Moon

They say it’s once in a blue moon,
I call it once in a lifetime,

How can a moment so magical,
Pass by so quick and leave you with “Why?”,

Can I bargain?,
I plead,

Stay still,
Will you stay, please?

31 Jan 3018


You said you ‘Never ever believe’ and ‘it’s impossible to expect from distance’,

When I heard those words from you,

You burn all the hope, you shaken my stance,

Last straw, last draw,

Keep me, or let me go,

Silence is your answer,

I’m trying not to falter,

You know I have to go,

But know that I’ll ‘Never ever’ regret you, my Love,

You are still my favorite ‘Stupid’,

And God knows that very well from above

Milky Way

Maybe for you, it was just a season,

And that we met for no reason,

If you only give me a reason to hold,

I won’t mind even if I grow old,

You know I would take the long way,

Cross the ocean or travel to milky way,

But maybe you are meant to be like the stars above,

Just beautiful to adore when we are apart,

Through God, I’m giving you all my love,

I trust and surrender, please take this heart

19 August 2017 đŸ“· Bulusan, Sorsogon

How Much More

How much more time left?
We are hooked in the moment,

How much more love we can give?
We both still want to receive,

How much more arguments?
We can forego and heart mends,

As long as the music is still playing,
Babe, shall we continue dancing?

Slowly, we know we are fading,
Our hands, should we still keep on holding?

17 April 2017

Feel and breathe

A series of push and pull,
We stop and we go,

No destination, lots of complications,
And reasons for hesitation,

I give up,
Block the reasoning and let everything go,

Feel and breathe,
Now, I prefer not to think,

Second counts,
My Love, try not to blink,

Do you regret?
While it lasts, shall we just enjoy every moment?


Sky looks peaceful, the clouds seem sad, 

I can’t see the stars and the moon,

It’s just totally dark,

Few drops of water starts falling on the windshield,

Little drops, a little more, a few more,

Not sure if I heard a rumbling sound, but I saw a flash of light appeared,

He excitingly asked, “Did you see that?”

‘Yeah’ I said, But more than that it was the sweetest smile that caught my eye,

And in that moment, I know my memory of rain changed,

I’m bringing this back home, I’m running miles away.

18 February 2017