Life happens, and Shit as well.

Such a shame, I got a lot of things to write,  life realizations to share, pictures to post, love and travel stories to tell, and emotions to express but….

Sad to admit that for the past months I haven’t alloted a time to sit and start writing down all of it… until now. 

This is spontaneous and raw.  So random, I  just miss writing.  

Life happens, and Shit as well.

Bulusan Lake, Sorsogon, Bicol , Philippines – August 2017

I’ve travelled in and out of the country.  I’ve been to a lot of beautiful places.  

Stayed at home.  Study and work are part of the routine.

I was inspired by a lot of people I’ve met.  I gained new friends.  Oh what a beautiful feeling, the heart bliss and butterflies!

Lost motivation and procrastinate.  Lost a lovedone.  Damn, the heartaches!

I attended family gatherings and reunions with friends.  Celebrated special occasions, birthdays, and christenings.

I’ve said a eulogy in a wake and attended a burial.

Exercised and tried to be fit.
Lazy days.  And I just can’t stop eating sweets and chips.


And throughout those days, I had the life lessons in my head and heart.  Through my personal instagram account, I was able to share parts of it.  Hopefully, after I pass the last part of CIA certification exam, I will be able to start writing it all down before the year ends.  

Let me share this latest life thought I had.

These past few days reminded me that ‘Life is short‘ and every moment matters.  We won’t know what will happen next, when will our days here on earth be over.  I guess ‘making the most of it’ is in this attempt on balancing things-  Relishing the present and appreciating everything;  Pursuing and reaching your dreams and goals;  Growing by daring yourself, risking and taking chances;  Taking care of your health; and Loving the people that matters.  For me, showing you love them isn’t enough.  You need to tell them.  There is no formula in living life to the fullest.  There is a long list of what you can do.  It all depends on how you see life and what you value.  We only got one life, make it count.

Burj al Arab , Dubai, UAE- February 2017

 P.s.  I turned 27 this July, I was about to write a birthday blog.  Maybe next time 😉 But here’s my birthday thought .

What makes LIFE interesting is that sometimes we just don’t know what it will throw at us.  And to add to that, we will never know how we will be thrown.  We may be prepared or surprised, at full speed or slow motion, half twirl or 360 degrees, face first or body slam.  Whatever it is, trust the process, keep your faith in God, and enjoy the journey.  Hold on to your life vest- your family, friends and loved ones.  After the big splash, flash them your sweetest smile. 

27th Birthday, July 30, 2017

Grateful and hopeful.  The best is yet to come!


Milky Way

Maybe for you, it was just a season,

And that we met for no reason,

If you only give me a reason to hold,

I won’t mind even if I grow old,

You know I would take the long way,

Cross the ocean or travel to milky way,

But maybe you are meant to be like the stars above,

Just beautiful to adore when we are apart,

Through God, I’m giving you all my love,

I trust and surrender, please take this heart

19 August 2017 📷 Bulusan, Sorsogon

Feel and breathe

A series of push and pull,
We stop and we go,

No destination, lots of complications,
And reasons for hesitation,

I give up,
Block the reasoning and let everything go,

Feel and breathe,
Now, I prefer not to think,

Second counts,
My Love, try not to blink,

Do you regret?
While it lasts, shall we just enjoy every moment?

Coffee or something

Ideas are overflowing,

Words are rushing in,

I don’t know what I’m doing,

I just grabbed this pen and scribble anything,

I re-read, making sense out of nothing,

This is pointless, just meet me here,

Let’s have coffee or something
04 Feb 2017


Should I go or should I stop?

Maybe I can ask the moon, so I look up,

The stars do not align,

I’m not sure if I should take it as a sign,

But my feet lead me here,

The stoplight says it clear,

It’s hard to say no,  but I know I must go,

I’m sorry my Dear, we must end here.

03 Feb 2017


Stopped talking about it,
Tried not to think about it,

Strived not to give attention,
Disregarded all the emotion,

But days and nights pass by,
The thought never missed to stop by,

No matter how much I wanted to say ‘Goodbye’,
Still I end-up here, writing and asking ‘Why?’

25 Jan 2017

A Year of Writing

One more month to go 2016!

Cliché as it may sound, “Time flies so fast!

Who would’ve thought that I would be able to keep on blogging for a year?  So to make this ‘achievement‘ more memorable, let me share with you these life thoughts that were emphasized as I engaged myself in writing.

Mt. Pulag, November 2015

Frustration, Appreciation, Encouragement

When I made a wordpress account sometime November last year, I was clueless with what would be my first blog and when will it be posted.  There was no pressure but I was just sure back then that I would write one.  Then, there came the desperation we experienced during our climb in Mt. Pulag.  We didn’t reach the peak due to bad weather.  It was really frustrating. But when we saw the view of ‘sea of clouds’ at the base camp, I knew that we were still blessed.  That was when life realization kicked in ‘We should savor what’s in front of us, we should appreciate what we have.  When I got back to Manila, I was so full of emotions when I was telling the story to my friend.  She then advised me to write it down so that I would be able to reread it and remember what I felt.  That was when I made my first blog on December 1, 2015, ‘I Left My Heart in Mt. Pulag‘.  If not for that frustration, who knows when I would start writing or if I would ever have the courage to write one.  Have you ever had that experience that changes your life? Something that ignites within you and makes you appreciate life more? 

Samal Island, Davao, April 2016

Reflect and be reminded.

The primary reason why I’m writing is because I want to capture the emotions, experiences, moments and perspectives I had at one point in my life.  It’s my outlet and my ‘time capsule‘.  We are all changing.  Our views and beliefs, due to change in circumstance, may not be the same as what we used to have.  Isn’t it nice to reflect and look back, at what we used to be, how we reacted on things, and how we see the world? 

Palawan, May 2016

Be humbled and inspired.

We write our own life story.  And same with life, that we have different ways to live it, we have different genre, structures and styles of writing.  Reading other blogs and connecting with other writers humbled me and inspired me at the same time.  I’m in awe with how their writings can be so interesting and beneficial to people, and how concise and well written their thoughts are.  My admiration for them motivates me to do my best.  I know I still have a lot to learn.

26th Birthday Celebration at Elsie Gaches, Manila, July 2016

Share what you can share.

Inspire and be inspired.  We always have something to give.  May it be time, presence, love, respect, support or in any way we could be of any help.  If sharing my writings, the life realizations and learnings I gained along the way, can move other people, then that’s a ‘bonus’.  Yes, a bonus because not everyone will have an interest with what you are sharing.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, whether you have or you don’t have readers, if writing is helping you, keep doing it.  You as a reader of your writings are enough.

Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Batangas, October 2016

Better yourself.

I’ve gained a lot from writing, more of personal growth.  Aside from enhancing my English, this is helping me boost my confidence, improve my thought process, reinforce my values of commitment, consistency and prioritization.  I’m not competing nor am I trying to prove something to anyone.  If there’s one person I should surpass that’s my old self. 

Where it all started, my ‘Sea of Clouds’

As I write all these down, it still overwhelms me.  As I reread my previous entries, it still surprise me that, ‘I CAN WRITE?!’ that I have something to offer.  To more sentences to construct, thoughts to express and words to be written!, I’m writing a part of my story and thank you for being part of it.  To everyone, thank you.  For everything, I’ll always be grateful.

I want to thank my supportive friends/‘editors’, Karla and Melis, for taking time and effort to share their insights on my blogs before I published it.  

Much love, support and respect.

P.S. Pictures are taken from my travels this year 2016 which were posted in my blogs too.