So many choices, but maybe few chances,

So many questions, but hard to make a decision,

When too much is happening and everything looks inviting,

Pray, but don’t ask for a ‘Sign’, seek ‘Wisdom’ and you’ll be fine,

For our plans may not be His, but Trust Him, you’ll be at peace.


31 Jan 2017


TED Talks

Last Thursday, I passed an application for TEDxADMU 2017: Viewpoints (Nope, not to be a speaker (HOW I WISH!), but just to watch it live).  And since the deadline was yesterday, I want to share some of the questions asked.  The last two strike me the most!


What is TED for you?
TED is a community of people inspiring and uplifting one another.  It is an outlet for imaginative, inquisitive, motivational, and compassionate people to share their thoughts and be open to other ideas of people from all over the world.  They give consideration to great ideas in almost all topics to raise awareness.   They give chance for people to be heard and impart what they can, things they are passionate about, and their purpose in life.  It is an effective way to spread concepts, reaching from one country, one culture, and one life to the other.  Most of the influential people in the world have participated and share their insights and wisdom thru TED Talks.  Videos of short talks are posted in the TED site.  This accessible and free knowledge is helpful in progression of humanity.

Why do you want to attend TEDxADMU 2017?
I’m a big fan of TED. I was motivated by TED Talks videos that I’ve watched.  Gaining knowledge by hearing other people’s insights in person would certainly contribute in my personal growth.  Also, being part of the crowd and watching the talks live would definitely make me feel part of this community.

Describe “PERSPECTIVE” in your own words.
Perspective is everything.  It is how we take things and interpret them.  It is how we see other people, ourselves and everything that’s happening around us.  It is how we approach problems and seize opportunities.  It is how we celebrate failures and appreciate success.  It is an attitude towards the world and a perception in life.  Having a positive perspective will make things fall into place and support us through in this lifetime.

When was the last time you had an exciting idea that kept you up all night? What idea was that?
It was just this month.  The thrilling idea of living abroad and leaving behind your pursued profession in exchange for a new adventure with the uncertainty of how to cope with a different life from the life you are currently living.   How courageous it is to live out of your comfort zone, test your limits and see yourself grow.   To be independent, immerse yourself in other cultures, meet new people, learn new experiences, and let go of pride just in case you don’t get the same job as you now have.   These are things I’ve been contemplating for the past few days as I am thinking of pushing through an application for working holiday visa abroad.  It is risky and a big decision to make for it will change my life’s course permanently.  In every action we make, I think we are all after developing ourselves.

I’m not sure if answered well.  But if my application will be successful, I will be VERY HAPPY.  🙂

P.S. When was the last time you had an exciting idea that kept you up all night? What idea was that? 😉

The Most Loved Month, December

Tis the season to be jolly and more grateful, fa lalala la lalala la!

The Nativity at the church

This Christmas season is passing by so quickly.  One thing, I’m planning for a trip and then next I’m in a rush to buy gifts.  Christmas lights in the street, laughter with the loved ones, and reunion of longing hearts – they are everywhere.  As much as I want to extend this season. I know I can’t.  All I can do is to seize every moment.

Let’s stop for a while and appreciate all the things offered especially for this season.

Greetings from view in KFC

Take time to feel the cool breeze at night.  Hear the Christmas carols of the kids in the street.  Sing along with Jose Mari Chan in the malls while you are shopping for gifts.  Savor every bite of ‘Putu Bumbong‘ and ‘Bibingka‘.  Enjoy the catch-up over meals with friends and family moments on ‘Noche Buena‘.  Fight the sleepiness just to attend ‘Simbang Gabi‘.  Greet people a ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!‘ or ‘Happy Holidays!‘.  And lastly, feel all the love, appreciation and happiness of all the people around you.

My Dear, let’s make the most of this season. Shall we?

Got an early Christmas gift from these cutie little Santas in Taiwan 🙂 They came into the store and gave this to me.  What a lovely random act of kindness!  Xie xie! 🙂

For December 2016, I’ll always be grateful.
Sending all the happiness I got!  Lots of … 🙂




P.S.  I want to grab this opportunity to greet everyone ‘MALIGAYANG PASKO!‘ Mahal ko kayong lahat! 🙂

Random pictures attached are from PH and recent travel in Taiwan.  Anything that reminded me of this season!

‘Send postcards from Travel abroad’ crossed off my bucket list ;)- Taiwan Post Office in Ximending.
Sent fr PH with all love and happiness I got!


Don’t forget, this is a season of…. 🙂

Another Glorious Year to Celebrate Life

God knows how much I give importance on birthday celebrations.  Not just mine, but for all my loved ones.  So I make sure in my own ways I greeted them or make something special to contribute on their day.

So when it comes to my birthday, I want to make sure also that it will always be memorable.  Why not? This is my way to glorify God’s another gift of life.  For the past 5 years, I had this ‘annual celebration’ of crossing countries, making sure I got those passport stamps dated “July 30”.  I am blessed to have it fulfilled.

I know I haven’t gone far yet.  There are still places to see and glorify, people to meet and share stories with and lots of phrases, ‘Thank you!’ , ‘Hi !’and ‘I love you!’ to learn and to speak in different languages.  Throughout those years, events happened and things have changed.  There’s a change in outlook  and priorities and there are realizations.  We constantly grow, and like I always say we change for the better, always.

The past birthdays I had was more for myself.  No regrets, it’s the experiences I had that made me who I am today.  I learn, I grow and I appreciate life and see it in my own eyes.  For this year, I wanted to share the moment.  To learn, to grow and to appreciate ‘more’ this life and see it in other people’s eyes.  So throughout this birthday idea, there are life realizations that were given more emphasis in my life.

Know what you want then commit yourself.

It was when I was reviewing for a certification exam, some time in June, that an idea popped out in my mind ‘BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION IN AN INSTITUTION’.  I try to shove it away, as I want to focus on studying.  But have you had that feeling when an idea, no matter how hard you try not to think of it, it keeps on coming and coming back and becoming more concrete every time?That’s what happened, ‘100 KIDS’, ‘SPECIAL CHILDREN’, ‘GIVEAWAY T-SHIRT’,  ‘YOU ARE BLESSED, YOU ARE LOVED’ And that’s when I know I have to make it happen. Not because it’s boggling me, but because it’s what my subconscious wants.  Therefore, IT IS WHAT I WANT.

And just because, I’m studying I had this deal with God that no matter what the result of my exam, I WILL DO IT.  Just give me the focus that I need until I take the exam, then I will start preparing.  Same with other episodes in our life,  Isn’t it simple, if we know  exactly what we want?

Start the preparation, turn your plans into reality.

Come July, some of my loved ones were asking how will I celebrate my birthday this year.  Where will I go next?  Only few people know what will I do.  I didn’t invite a lot for in the first place, this is not ‘my’ party.  So when some friends know how I celebrated my birthday, almost all of them say that they’ve been planning on doing that kind of celebration too.  Others say that they had this idea for more than a year, it’s just that they don’t know what institution, where to start organizing, who are the people to contact.  With high respect, I know this is cliche but let me tell you, a plan without an action, is just a dream.  You must do something to turn it into reality.  And isn’t it if you really want something, you would do anything just to make it happen? 

After knowing what you want, either serving kids, special children, street children or the old age people, do your research- location, availability on the desired event date, rules, or if there are any paper works needed. Once confirmed with the institution, start the preparation for the event – food, games, hosting, giveaways and other things you want to include.


Celebrate life and savor every moment!

After the preparation, here comes the celebration.  Believe me, everything is worth it. Their innocent smile, warm hugs and genuine laughter are priceless.  I thought that I’ve prepared myself on the emotion that I will feel, but still I’m surprised and overwhelmed on the impact of this day in my life.  I think I’ll never get used to the idea that when you want other people to be happy, it’s you who will be hundred times fold happier.  This will always have a special place in my heart.  To more than a hundred hearts who made my 26th birthday memorable, THANK YOU.  Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am to be part of your lives, for letting me have you in my life.  You are all an inspiration.

This, by far, is the best birthday ever!  Every birthday keeps on getting better and better right? so are we!

Blessed are those who inspire us.


*Bear with me, I’m only allowed to post group pictures. 🙂

The following are the things I did for less than a month of preparation:

1.  By the end of June,  the event details was confirmed through a phone call with the institution.  By sheer luck, my day is open.  I chose the Elsie Gaches Village,  institution that provides care and rehabilitation to abandoned and neglected children with special needs such as those with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, visual and hearing impairment, mental retardation, autism and other related illnesses.  This was also located near our area so it will be more convenient to arrange things every now and then.

2. First week of July, after taking the exam, I decided to book the party in Jollibee for 100 kids.  By doing this, it greatly reduces the heavy lifting on my end, for they will do all the food prep, games, music and hosting the kiddie party.  We also arranged for the ice cream cart.

3.  I paid a visit to the institution to iron out the details and see the kids personally.  My main goal is to identify hundred kids who’s got the same birthday as me, or whose special day are nearing as well.  I managed to secure a list of their details and shirt size as I’m planning to give out a shirt for them to wear for our party.

4. 2nd week of July, after receiving final list of attendees and their sizes, I canvassed for t-shirt printing.  Luckily, my sister’s friend has a t-shirt printing shop.  And knowing that this will be for a cause, I was given a discounted price.

5. On 30th, we picked up the t-shirts, bought food from Amber for the Adults and had the best birthday ever!

Also, thank you to my family, relatives and friends!  To all who greeted me on my birthday!  You guys are the best!



Owning every bit of Summer!

Glorifying the Sunset in Palawan

Spending summer season with my loved ones and at the same time keeping up with my career,  I can’t help but to welcome all the spur-of-the-moment life reflections/realizations.  And I just want to share it with you, just in case.

Savoring every moment with family.

Value time.

From end of February to March, my Dad had a vacation off from work.  It’s a complete family moment we look forward yearly.  Come April, I was given an opportunity to work out of town and at the same time visit new beautiful places.  And this month of May, I had travels and trekking with my friends.  In just three months, everything happened so fast.

When it comes to people in your life, your family, your friends, your loved ones, TIME and PRESENCE are two of the most priceless gifts we can offer.  When it comes to work, to opportunities and to chances, SEIZE THEM and GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT, always!

Live in a thought that all you have- all you are experiencing, and the people you are with, are the Universe’s gift to you.  That of all the people in this world, you were the chosen one to be the safe-keeper/nurturer.  Be honored, be privileged.

Cruising at Samal Island, Davao
Spend time with yourself. 

This world is full of God’s wonderful creations and it is when traveling that I get to appreciate it more while enjoying a “Me” time.  Whether it be meditating in Laguna, cruising over the sea in Davao, listening to the sound of waterfalls in Surigao, feeling the wind as I ride zip line in Cotabato, watching the sunset in Palawan or appreciating the mountains’ summit view in Batangas and Rizal, I talk, listen and reassure myself that with all of worries in this life, everything is perfectly well.  Trust me, not in a crazy way.

I believe that it is in our inner conversations that we really get to know ourselves.   We reflect on the things that’s happening in our lives.  You get to check your thoughts, your emotions, your choices- then decide.  You are solely in control.  And of all the people, it is you who can assure yourself that no matter what happened, everything’s gonna be alright.

Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Be generous.

Wandering created an opportunity for me to meet a lot of beautiful souls who have their own story to tell and own life lessons to impart.  There are people I encountered who share their love stories and some who share their sacrifices in order to provide for the families.  I am awed in their hard work as they welcome each day thinking of their purpose in life.

And it is when I offered my time to listen, that I felt that at some point we are interconnected.   Every people you meet is majestically crafted breathing art.  People are meant to cross our paths to give us something to carry on as we parted ways and go on with our lives.  Absorb the lessons from these meetings and spread it.  Be kind, give love and share happiness.

“Thank you Lord!”

Fall in love in every moment.

In El Nido, we had lots of fun activities- island hopping, kayaking, and snorkeling.  Everywhere I look is just too mesmerizing, my eyes got so full of marvelous views.  I can’t help but to shout “Thank you Lord!”, “I love you El Nido!”, “I love you Palawan!” and so on.  I am just so giddy in love.

Life is incredibly beautiful.  Everything is just a matter of perspective.  Master the ‘Art of Appreciation’ and see all life’s goodness in every corner.  Indulge in every moment, live in it, embrace it.  Radiate romance that not a bit hate can enter your orbit.

For this season, I’ll always be grateful.  Every season keeps on getting better and better, right? So are we!

Much love and respect.


Glimpse of my 2016 Summer days 🙂


3 Falls at Luisiana, Laguna

Hulugan falls
Meditating at Talay falls
Aliw falls


  • Davao
One of the ‘Me-time’ moments
Samal Island
  • Surigao

Tinuy-an falls

Appreciating the calming sound of waterfalls
Just too grateful.

Enchanted River

Just too enchanting.
Swimming with the fishes

Britania Group of Islands

Island hopping
Owning the island
  • Cotabato
Loving the wind and the view.  One of the longest zipline in Asia!
You are perfect.


  • Palawan, World’s Best Island!

El Nido

Seven Commands beach
Kayaking in Small lagoon
Leaving a piece of my heart in Secret Lagoon
Big lagoon, you are so beautiful!
Helicopter Island
Hidden beach
Overwhelming underwater world!
Sun-kissed at Secret beach
Matinloc Shrine
Nacpan beach
Las Cabanas beach

Puerto Princesa

Underground River
One of the world’s 7 new wonders of nature.
Cave inside
  • Batangas
Crater lake.  I conquered Taal Volcano!
It’s the climb!
  • Rizal

Mt. Daraitan

Summit view.  I conquered Mt. Daraitan!
You are worth it.

Tinipak Cave

Rewarding cold water dip inside the cave.  Oh Nature, you never fail to amaze me!
Too dark in the cave.  Took a lot of mental pictures tho 😉

Tinipak River

Relaxing in my jacuzzi 😉
Rewarding after the strenuous hike!

To the beautiful souls I got to share with this season’s adventure, thank you for making this my BEST SUMMER EVER!  lotte.jpg

In your heart, always.


And I ponder on the thought that at least once in your life, you’ll meet someone that will make you feel more alive, motivates and inspires you like no other.  It is weird in a beautiful, overwhelming, unexplainable feeling- may be due to the situations, circumstances and other factors.

This may or may not be in a romantic way;  for a short period or a little bit longer; but one thing is for sure, this is one of life’s best magic.

And when that moment happens to you, keep that person always in your heart, not in your mind. 

For the heart, only feels; it abandons thinking and never ending rationalizing.  Even when they decided to wander far away from you and eventually lost the connection, place them in your heart.  For there, they will stay longer.

And if you’re one of the favored stars in the universe, they will stay forever.


Always in your heart, always.

The Art of Letter- Writing

Last December, one of my goals is to send greeting cards to some of my relatives and friends all over the world.  And I’m very grateful to have accomplished it.  As far as I can remember, it was my first time to send out cards.  In today’s world, everything now is almost done in an instant.  This is why some slow processes such as snail mail are being ignored.  With all the advancing technology with regards to communication, you may ask yourself why bother to send one?  You can send your greetings ‘virtually‘- ecards through Email, sticker via Viber, message using WhatsApp, wall post thru FB or simply by SMS message.  Yeah, why bother?


I have nothing against these ways; these are thoughtful already.   And I believe, everything done with love and sincerity is more than enough.  But this holiday season magnifies people’s emotion.  Weird, isn’t it?  Everyone is willing to go beyond the usual, showing EXTRA- care, thoughtfulness and love.  “EXTRA” I guess this word really hit me.  And that’s what I did, exerted EXTRA-effort to make someone feel EXTRA-special. I had fun in my writing experience- from buying cards, thinking of words to write, to sending it in the postal office.


First, choosing cards to use.  l always love being in a bookstore but this was my first time to be in card section. Although it took me a while deciding what to pick, I enjoyed it and ended up buying variety of cards – small and big cards, Filipino and English greetings, singing cards.  And it’s amazing, how just by reading the cards’ note made you think of a certain person immediately.



Second, composing and scribbling thoughts.  Aside from the usual holiday greeting, I made sure that I wrote something special- added a ‘personal touch‘.  I tried remembering experience we shared, reminiscing memories we had and names used to call each other, thinking of cheers or tease- everything I can think of that person, I wrote it down.  But sometimes, I got too excited, wrote so many things and messed-up my hand writing.   This was the struggle.  My friends know how BEAUTIFUL my handwriting is, that even myself can’t understand it sometimes.  I laugh at the thought of giving my friends a hard time deciphering.  For them, I pray.  ‘Blessed are those who understand my handwriting.’

Postal Office Stamp at Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Stamp at Municipal Hall of Muntinlupa

Last, sending out cards. The first time I went to post office near our house, I was so excited.  So excited, I got no idea where to put the addresses at the card.  Most of the cards, I decided not to put my address.  I don’t like the idea that, just maybe, they will feel pressure on sending me one in return.  It’s not that I don’t want to receive one, if they ask mine, I give it.  But for me, the letters I wrote are unconditional.  Knowing they had it is enough.  For getting addresses, there were some I asked directly for I have no other options and there were others I addressed to their offices.

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.” -Phyllis Theroux

Personal letters are like time capsules; thoughts and emotions frozen in a piece of paper.  Letters may be kept and re-read.  And memories once forgotten can excitingly come back.  I love the idea that my handwritten letters have traveled all over the world and have arrived at places I’ve never been to.   The experience started at the thought of ‘trying something new’ but it was more than that.  I genuinely want people to feel happy, but I think it was me who felt even happier, a deep and wonderful feeling.  And I hope that the 57 letters I sent somehow brought smile to their faces; I hope that people today and younger generations be reminded of how magical the feeling is when writing and receiving a letter.  Snail mail or not, may the Art of Letter- Writing be never forgotten.


P.S. If you want to receive a letter, send me your address. My pleasure to write one for you. 😉