I Left My Heart in Australia

Since it’s Straya day, I looked back and reminisce the vacation I had last July 2015. Let me share with you some life thoughts accompanied by the pictures of the places I’ve been and the things I did.
Note: I will let the pictures do the talking so it will be a one-sentence-life-thought challenge.

Let Your Light Shine.  
In life, we should see dark days as an opportunity to shine brighter.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are more stunning at night! Date night with a glass of wine would be lovelier. So romantic.

Disconnect to Reconnect.
Sometimes we just need to have a ‘ME-time’ in order to connect with ourselves and to the world.

Bondi, Manly and Surfers Paradise.  These beaches let me had a taste of Summer on a Winter.  Most of the time, I explored Oz alone because my relatives have work.  It’s cool, I enjoyed every moment I had getting to know myself better.

Be Kid-at-Heart.
Like a child, have more fun, be silly, and be delighted in everything.

When I was in Sydney, I went to Luna Park with my nephew. That definitely made me a Certified Aussie kid! 😉  And in Brisbane, I attended ‘Hunter’s 5th birthday party’.  Funny, right? But I really had fun with kids! I felt like we’re all the same age.

Dare Yourself!

I said this before. ‘I believe no one is ever ready to do anything. No matter how prepared you are, there will still be a space for anxiety. So why delay or wait for the perfect time? Most of the awesome moments in our lives happen when we let go and let our instinct guide us. I am no good in living life to the fullest; I just do what I want to do and what makes me happy. It’s also exciting to dare yourself to do the ‘impossible’ thing. You don’t need to impress other people; you just need to impress oneself. If you make an impact or inspire others, well that’s a bonus.

On my 2nd day in Australia, I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It was really an accomplishment for I have a fear of heights! (I don’t even ride a roller coaster! Well, only once in Universal Studios Singapore- a favor I did for a friend.)

I thought climbing the bridge would already make my trip a memorable one.  Little did I know that I would have that great amount of COURAGE to go SKYDIVING! I booked it two days before my flight back to the Philippines so I can’t back out. I told myself ‘IT’S NOW or NEVER’ and ‘GO BIG or GO HOME’.  And, I did it a day before my 25th birthday (July 30)!!!  Best Birthday Gift Ever!  It was TOTALLY UNFORGETTABLE!

You’re Always Home.
Be at peace and enjoy the journey for in every step we take leads us to where we are supposed to be.

I don’t know why but Australia felt like home.  I don’t know when will I be back again.  Hopefully, soon.  But for now, I’m just grateful for everything that happened- the experiences I had, the lessons I learned, and the beautiful souls I met.


Lots of Love,

Happy Straya Day Mates!

P.S. I know it’s almost 2am, 27th of January now in Australia. Maybe my greeting doesn’t count. But still 25th of January here in PH. (3 hours time difference) 😉

TED Talks

Last Thursday, I passed an application for TEDxADMU 2017: Viewpoints (Nope, not to be a speaker (HOW I WISH!), but just to watch it live).  And since the deadline was yesterday, I want to share some of the questions asked.  The last two strike me the most!


What is TED for you?
TED is a community of people inspiring and uplifting one another.  It is an outlet for imaginative, inquisitive, motivational, and compassionate people to share their thoughts and be open to other ideas of people from all over the world.  They give consideration to great ideas in almost all topics to raise awareness.   They give chance for people to be heard and impart what they can, things they are passionate about, and their purpose in life.  It is an effective way to spread concepts, reaching from one country, one culture, and one life to the other.  Most of the influential people in the world have participated and share their insights and wisdom thru TED Talks.  Videos of short talks are posted in the TED site.  This accessible and free knowledge is helpful in progression of humanity.

Why do you want to attend TEDxADMU 2017?
I’m a big fan of TED. I was motivated by TED Talks videos that I’ve watched.  Gaining knowledge by hearing other people’s insights in person would certainly contribute in my personal growth.  Also, being part of the crowd and watching the talks live would definitely make me feel part of this community.

Describe “PERSPECTIVE” in your own words.
Perspective is everything.  It is how we take things and interpret them.  It is how we see other people, ourselves and everything that’s happening around us.  It is how we approach problems and seize opportunities.  It is how we celebrate failures and appreciate success.  It is an attitude towards the world and a perception in life.  Having a positive perspective will make things fall into place and support us through in this lifetime.

When was the last time you had an exciting idea that kept you up all night? What idea was that?
It was just this month.  The thrilling idea of living abroad and leaving behind your pursued profession in exchange for a new adventure with the uncertainty of how to cope with a different life from the life you are currently living.   How courageous it is to live out of your comfort zone, test your limits and see yourself grow.   To be independent, immerse yourself in other cultures, meet new people, learn new experiences, and let go of pride just in case you don’t get the same job as you now have.   These are things I’ve been contemplating for the past few days as I am thinking of pushing through an application for working holiday visa abroad.  It is risky and a big decision to make for it will change my life’s course permanently.  In every action we make, I think we are all after developing ourselves.

I’m not sure if answered well.  But if my application will be successful, I will be VERY HAPPY.  🙂

P.S. When was the last time you had an exciting idea that kept you up all night? What idea was that? 😉


Stopped talking about it,
Tried not to think about it,

Strived not to give attention,
Disregarded all the emotion,

But days and nights pass by,
The thought never missed to stop by,

No matter how much I wanted to say ‘Goodbye’,
Still I end-up here, writing and asking ‘Why?’

25 Jan 2017


wp-1484573230768.jpegCome on My Dear, wake up!
Let’s forget how fast the time flies,
Go out and watch the sun rise,

Be glued in this magical moment,
Eyes wide open for a split second,
Wonderstruck, we know soon it will end,

Just savor and feel this awakening moment,
We own the world and the glistening rays,
Touched by the Sun’s burning gaze,

Overwhelming, everything’s heartwarming,
We will fathom, with this kind of beauty,
In this world, in debt, forever we will be.


17 Jan 2017

Making Firsts Last

First wine for the year.

I started 2017 with high hopes for everything.  Early in the morning of January 1st, I wrote down the things I want to achieve, the things to do to have it, and the words to live by for the year.  Let me share with you two of the mantras I set for myself as I welcome this year.

  1. Savor All the Firsts

Everyday I consciously make an effort to see and experience things as if it’s the first time.

My First Kiss with Nature- “Rafting” to Pagsanjan Falls, 02 Jan 2017

First Me-time while having my first wine for the year, first family celebration, first meaningful conversation, first travel with friends, first short poetry, first feature in Instagram and so on and so forth.

I remember savoring the taste, savoring the moment when I had my first brewed coffee for the year.  I value even this small thing.   Because firsts will always be memorable, right?  This thinking helps me to see the highlights in some ‘almost-routine-days’ and to regard experiences ‘more special’, like saying “Oh, this is my first Jamaican patty for the year!”, my first “I love you!” to a loved one, my first triumph on the first working day “Yes, I’m not late!”.   Exaggerated as it may sound, this is what I instill in myself, to over– appreciate.  I guess my point in having this mentality is to savor everything that’s happening– to live in the moment, to be in the moment.  These can be giddy-happy-moments you have with yourself too.  If you spread the good vibes to other people, well, that’s a bonus.

  1. Dare to Try

Last year, I challenged myself when I had the following resolutions: “No Late in the Office 2016” and “No Alcoholic Drinks Other Than Wine”.  Every working day and every celebration is a struggle.  But accomplishing these over and over again for 365 days compensated for it and made it even more fulfilling.  These challenges and triumphs contribute a lot to our whole being, to our personality.

So this year, I dared myself again to do some things for the first time.

Happiness Jar.   Last year, I got this idea from one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert.  Every day you write down the things you are grateful for and made your heart smile in a small piece of paper and put it in a jar.  At the end of the year, you will have 365 small notes to read, all containing beautiful things.  Wonderful idea, isn’t it?

Gotta find bigger Jar soon!

Life in Comics.  Aside from the space where I can write the highlights of my day, my planner has blank pages for notes every week.  As much as I love writing, I love drawing too.  So this year I decided to be a ‘Comic Artist’ in my own terms.   Every day I shall try to capture how the day went by and to sketch the distinct features for that day.   It is one way to de-stress and entertain myself too.

My first week of 2017 in one page.  So far, I’m amazed how the ‘stickman’ with ‘mushroom dialogue boxes’ survived the week.  Marveling on my drawing and at the same tine deciphering what/ who is that.  Still, I applaud myself for the effort 😉

Being mindful of ‘Firsts’ and doing new things for the first time help me boost my confidence that no matter what happened, I seized and conquered the day with a grateful heart.  Making moments meaningful, isn’t that what we are all after?

Go ahead, enjoy your firsts and dare yourself! 

To making moments last, Cheers!

Lots of love, support and respect.

P.S.  Here’s the gist, every day and everything could be your first.  It’s just a matter of perspective. 😉 And by the way, this is my first blog for the year.  I tried to keep it short and sweet. 🙂

Let me share with you, some of my Firsts 🙂

First Family Picture 🙂 Video call with Daddy! (01 Jan 2017)
First Short Poem


The coolness of the water is soothing,
With the breeze of the wind, trees are rejoicing,
With the ‘roller-coaster ride’ that is rafting,
Oh Pagsanjan falls, you keep on surprising,
The thought made me smile, ‘this is how the nature sing’,
Isn’t it a wonderful feeling, to see the beauty in everything?

02 Jan 2017

First Travel with Friends

My First Jamaican Patty!!!! HOT SAUCE!!! 04 Jan 2017
First Sunset
First short poem featured in IG. Thank you @the_writers_central! You made my “Frustrated Writer Self” extremely happy!!!;) 10 Jan 2017
My first Sunrise, 14 Jan 2017

2016, Year-ender Letter

Yesterday’s sunset. Thank you 2016. Maraming Salamat!

Though I know every year has its own way to be memorable,  but let me say this again, ‘This year, by far, has been the greatest as I experienced a lot that will most likely affect my life’s course forever.’   2016 passed by so quickly and yet, I know words are not enough to contain all that I’ve felt, learned and appreciated.

I’ve had a fair share of victories and failures learnings;
I’ve experienced 
appreciations and rejections acceptance;
I’ve learned to choose what to hold and let go prioritize.  


Time’s worth

I’ve enjoyed moments with my family and loved ones.  And with how I celebrated my birthday, I’ve shared what I could’ve shared to other people.  Time has always been the priceless resources we have.  And allotting it to the people that I love has always been rewarding.  These are the collection of moments I wouldn’t trade. Ever.  Although, I may never know if I’ve given enough and whether they’ve appreciated our time together, their given time to me is very much appreciated


Maximized Opportunities

The work and travel opportunities I had are few of the many blessings. The people I met and the new experiences I gained have contributed to making me a better person.

Work hard, Continuously Learn

As I strived hard to reach my goals and dreams, life pushed me thru my limits.  In the middle of this year, I decided to take another certification for personal and career growth.  The whole journey from reviewing to accomplishing exams has been an ‘ego booster’ that I know ‘I can be what I want to be’.  It is truly a humbling experience at the same time, I still have a lot to learn.


Let me reiterate what I pointed out in my 2015 year-ender blog, ‘Everything happens for a reason’.  Another year passed and in whatever genre of our lives, maybe there are things that didn’t end well.  May it serve as a fuel for us to better ourselves; become more motivated and persistent that ‘we will not settle for less for we only deserve the best’.  May the successful ones be an added weight in our anchor to be more humble and pile-up our lists to be ‘obsessively grateful’.  For the cliffhanger stories, may we be more patient and persevering and of course, hopeful.


Now that 2016 closes, choose the stories you want to continue to carry on in 2017.  May all the experiences and learning you had in this year, made you wiser, stronger and more courageous.

This is what I wrote few weeks ago in sky lantern during my vacation in Taiwan. (11 Dec 2016)

The New Year will be full of surprises, opportunities and learnings.  Stretch your heart and mind.  Give a space to welcome new things, people and experiences.  A lot is waiting for you! Now, are you ready to jump? 


Every year keeps on getting better and better‘, right?  So are we. Let’s be always grateful for all these years that had passed and to those that are coming.


P.S.  Last Year, I said 2016 will be magical.  Indeed, it was.  For 2017, how about ‘astonishing’? Mindset and Heartset READY!  


The Most Loved Month, December

Tis the season to be jolly and more grateful, fa lalala la lalala la!

The Nativity at the church

This Christmas season is passing by so quickly.  One thing, I’m planning for a trip and then next I’m in a rush to buy gifts.  Christmas lights in the street, laughter with the loved ones, and reunion of longing hearts – they are everywhere.  As much as I want to extend this season. I know I can’t.  All I can do is to seize every moment.

Let’s stop for a while and appreciate all the things offered especially for this season.

Greetings from view in KFC

Take time to feel the cool breeze at night.  Hear the Christmas carols of the kids in the street.  Sing along with Jose Mari Chan in the malls while you are shopping for gifts.  Savor every bite of ‘Putu Bumbong‘ and ‘Bibingka‘.  Enjoy the catch-up over meals with friends and family moments on ‘Noche Buena‘.  Fight the sleepiness just to attend ‘Simbang Gabi‘.  Greet people a ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!‘ or ‘Happy Holidays!‘.  And lastly, feel all the love, appreciation and happiness of all the people around you.

My Dear, let’s make the most of this season. Shall we?

Got an early Christmas gift from these cutie little Santas in Taiwan 🙂 They came into the store and gave this to me.  What a lovely random act of kindness!  Xie xie! 🙂

For December 2016, I’ll always be grateful.
Sending all the happiness I got!  Lots of … 🙂




P.S.  I want to grab this opportunity to greet everyone ‘MALIGAYANG PASKO!‘ Mahal ko kayong lahat! 🙂

Random pictures attached are from PH and recent travel in Taiwan.  Anything that reminded me of this season!

‘Send postcards from Travel abroad’ crossed off my bucket list ;)- Taiwan Post Office in Ximending.
Sent fr PH with all love and happiness I got!


Don’t forget, this is a season of…. 🙂